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The Four Types of Love Affairs

A committed relationship isn’t defined only by sex, and love affairs that last over time are no different. Latest scientific studies on infidelities show that in fact, there are different types of cheating that fulfill different needs that can potentially show what you lack in your current relationship.

Whether you are the wife, girlfriend or the one trying to win him over here is a quick way to recognize in which situation you are in, and how to make the most of it:

Love Affair Type 1- The True Love Affair

The king, queen and prince of the love affairs, this is the one that has the legs to end up with wedding bells, happiness and the happily ever after outcome.

Out of the four, this is the one where lust and sex play the minor role as both partners find something valuable in being together; a unique bond that is not easy to find in life. You know you are in one of these when the conversation is not much about sex, but more about being another’s confidantes and being available to each other in times of need and trials – a little heaven just without the pressure of the day-to-day responsibilities that husband and wife have.

Love Affair Type 2- The Romantic Affair

Romantic relationships are usually filled with attention, compliments, dating escapades, gifts, romantic gestures, thoughtfulness and that all necessary you-and-me-against-the-world kind of attitude. It’s all about getting validation through a fantasy of a perfect romantic relationship.

Although it gives you the ultimate happiness and satisfaction, they tend to be minefields to live in, as often are focusing too much on living in a perfect bubble rather than facing the daily changes and up and downs of the more grounded relationships.


Love Affair Type 3- The Social Media affair

It may start as a simple habit of messaging with that one person who you think understands you and before you know it, you’re in constant need and want of their attention. Since there is no face-to-face encounter, the lovers feel free, safe, anonymous, less shy or inhibited and therefore more at ease expressing feelings. Many people struggle to move these relationships from online to reality with the same effects, and this can result in both parties ending up disappointed.

Love Affair Type 4- The ‘Plasters’ affair

The ‘Plasters’ affair usually starts when one of the partners is going through the loss of a family member, a devastating career change, or financial difficulties. The key element of it is that the person is going through a painful transition period, in which they find tough to get comfort from their partners.

Challenging circumstances are often triggered by this kind of affair as the newfound involvement gives a measure of support and understanding to the hurt party, and allows him to feel some hope and appreciation.

If you feel like your partner is not loyal to you, you’ve already caught them in the act, or you’re the one who isn’t being faithful, there is always something that you can do, but it all starts with understanding why the affair is taking place. Get all the support you need is the quickest way to manage a challenging situation without damaging your relationship furthermore.

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