This Fact Sheet Policy concerns the psychic services offered on the Oracloo platform. The advice offered by our Expert Psychic Readers are for general information, personal consultation, education or entertainment purposes only.

Advise on Oracloo: Fact Sheet Policy

We strongly advise clients not to discuss any medical information with our psychics nor request any medical advice – any advice offered is not a substitute for in-person examination and diagnosis, and we strongly recommend clients to seek a consultation with a General Practitioner (GP) or any other medical practitioner.

Services on the platform may not provide you with the same protections and benefits as offline services of a licensed professional in your home state or country and psychics on the platform are solely responsible for compliance with all laws, regulations and licensing requirements applicable to their activities or professions, and Oracloo does not warrant or guarantee such compliance.

Securities advise, and transactions are strictly prohibited on the platform.
All services on the platform are subject to the Fact Sheet Policy and the our general Terms and Conditions and using the platform for improper, illegal or fraudulent activities is strictly prohibited and in breach of out Terms and Conditions both for psychics and clients of them.
Psychics are independent individuals and are not employees or agents of
As such reserves the right to terminate services according to this Fact Sheet policy in its sole discretion for any such activity or other abuse.

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