Oracloo - Is He The One? Top Signs He Would Make a Great Husband

Is He The One? Top Signs He Would Make a Great Husband

If you have been in a relationship for a while and you start wondering what life would look like if the two of you were married then you are not alone! Women tend to start asking themselves these questions as soon as they develop feelings for a man, and yet, the more you are into him the more difficult it gets to judge his potential. The good news is that help is here! Here are some top tips based on many years of experience as a psychic reader on how to know if your man would make a good catch:

Step 1: He Knows How to Spend his Money (and Save it)

First thing’s first. When it comes to settling down you surely want a partner who is never in debt and that knows how to prioritize investing for the future. Many women like men with lots of money, and while that might not be important to you making sure he is a saver rather than a spender is critical if you want to settle down.

Step 2: He Knows How to Make you Happy

A good man also tries to figure out and know how to make you happy. If a man sees you as marriage potential, he will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Above all, he will do his best to avoid conflicts and to make things run smoother in the relationship!


Step 3: He Is Secure with Himself

Men don’t like to look insecure, but it is human to feel jealous from time to time. Still, when it comes down to a long-term relationship, a man who does not compare himself to others is always a better catch. While reassuring at the start, men who get jealous easily might end up dictating your choice of friends in future and how you decide to spend your free time.

Step 4: He Is OK with Your Flaws

Nobody is perfect, and yet, some people are still around in the hope to meet the right person for them. Being open, vulnerable and showing your true colors when you are not at your best is always the best way to see if the compatibility is real. Men love challenges and those who find ways to balance your shortcomings are the best candidates for stability and long-term relationships.

Step 5: He Discusses Goals with You

Communication is usually the real deal breaker of many relationships; as lack of communication, compatibility is a top predictor of separation. But we go a step further with you; your man should also be able to reach out to you asking your opinion on whatever big decision he is going to make. Before jumping into marriage, you need a plan which involves a lot of talking and negotiations.

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