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Are you spoilt for choice?
The shelves are packed with a myriad of tarot cards and choosing the right one is not simple, particularly if you are in the early stages of the art of reading the tarots.
Therefore, choosing the right deck or not, is an action that could influence your experience as a clairvoyant and reader and your abilities or not allowing you to progress in learning the ropes. We have seen this happening over the years; many promising talents have been turned away by a lack of affinity with the cards of the chosen deck.

Step 1: Tarot Cards – Do Your Homework

It is very important to know a lot about tarot cards decks, their history and maker and, yes, to do the homework yourself rather than just take the suggestion of friends or your guides and the shop attendant. By reading more about the tarot cards decks, you’ll be inevitably drawn to some decks, and this is the perfect starting point for the right selection.

After all the tarot cards deck is your partner in the psychic reading, and if for some reason you don’t click with the representation of the cards – well – it is going to be very difficult to channel in and with them and to give people the right advice.
All the cards have meanings that you should have studied and learnt inside out; however; the tarot cards in the deck also offer illustrations that will have an impact on the reading; it’s all in the cards – so to speak.

Step 2: Trust your instinct

Once you have completed your research and shortlisted a couple of potential tarot cards decks you to find out to which of them you are naturally drawn to. There is no shortcut: you’ll need to trust your instinct. When you have your deck the next step is to start building empathy with it – by cleansing, consecrating them and keeping them stored in a safe place away from prying eyes so that they won’t be influenced by energies that are not yours.

Good luck!