How to wake up the passion in the relationship

How to Wake Up the Passion in Your Relationship

Love is forever, or at least it should be. The beginning of a relationship is surely one of the most exciting moments for the couple. Kisses, caresses, overwhelming meeting, intimacy and a lot of passion. Often, however, with the passage of time, the routine takes over, passion tends to diminish and those furtive glances, those unexpected meetings and caresses turn into a monotonous and repetitive sex life.

Step One.

The partner starts looking less exciting, the stress of the day and fatigue lead to a lack of vitality and without even realising it you find yourself living a union almost Platonic, where your sex life takes a back seat. Sex, once lively and curious, become rare and even boring and so quarrels and misunderstanding begin to arise until you get to indifference.

While it is true that, in a relationship, love and respect are the foundations for a stable bond, it is equally true that by themselves are not enough to ensure a lasting relationship. Between the covers often releases the stress of the day, finding solace and relaxation. Sometimes you find your peace in a mixture of anger and overwhelming love or simply you will abandon your instincts and innermost desires. A couple with no desire is destined to fade. But by listening to the early warning bells, you have the chance to avoid running for cover and instead, understand how to awaken passion in the daily routine.


Step Two.

There are various reasons why passion tends to wane but first of all the passage of time which leads to assume of the emotional relationship without feeling the need to cultivate or feed it. Routine is the first enemy of passion. Think of the first meetings with your partner. The desire, the anxiety, the excitement and the adrenaline that gave you a time full of life. The impatience for each meeting, the desire of contact, the other’s desire.

But when the phase of the courtship ends with the birth of a stable bond, that winning feeling and exaltation leave gradually and in its place is a daily routine where you cultivate the emotional side, often forgetting the importance of the erotic side. Daily schedules with their problems, especially in the presence of children, take over. And so you start to take less initiative, perhaps because you are tired from the workday and to postpone sexual intercourse over and over.

Certainly, with the passage of time, the desire may be subject to flexibility, but sex should continue to be an important aspect in a relationship, and when Eros loses its initial appeal, then that’s the time to take action to revive the passion. Some simple tips can liven up a boring relationship now giving new impetus to the couple.

Step Three.

First take care of your appearance. Remember the care and attention with which we were preparing for the first meeting? Well, try to find that same enthusiasm and desire to please. In the evening when you go to bedtime, avoid wearing pyjamas that are too opaque and uninspiring. Spend some money to buy new underwear. Always be groomed and ready for sexual intercourse not just to be comfortable with your body. Shave your legs, prepare yourself or your appearance can be a demotivating factor. A nice refreshing shower before going to bed may help. Even the choice of a new perfume or a new moisturiser can help.

Step Four.

Increase vital energy, play sports. It will help you increase your physical performance. A fit body and vitality encourages self-esteem and consequently improves their sexual performance. The idea would be to play sports with your partner as solo activities spread positive energy and increases understanding. If you have a little time you can do some sport on the weekend and if you have children, you can attend fitness centres where children are welcome. Just keep moving! Good luck…