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Post Break-up: How to Heal Broken Hearts

There are several types of breakups that can break our hearts, but we still have to go on with our heads held high, because, in the end, we only need ourselves to be happy. Any breakup involves pain for both parties who need to learn to overcome the heartache to move forward. However, some cracks are more painful than others.

Today we will talk about the emotional break-ups that break the heart.

A relationship that is worn over time, may cause one partner to make the decision to end the relationship, simply because there is no more love or passion. This is often when there is a strong friendship within the relationship and you can’t compare this kind of break-up to that of betrayal.

In the first case, the break up occurs almost spontaneously, in a concerted manner. The bond with the partner has become so fragile that the end of the relationship is the only possible solution.

In the second case, however, we are in the presence of terrible pain and suffering linked to the loss of trust in the other. What kind of breakages make us suffer like that?

One of the Partners Leaves the Other

This is a very common situation. One day a partner tells us that he wants to end the relationship and our world falls apart. We did not expect it at all!

This decision was not taken overnight, even if at first sight may seem so. We probably did not want to see certain things or chose to ignore them, and this is the result.

Some reasons why one partner may choose to end a relationship are:

  • He met another person he fell in love with.
  • He no longer sees his partner in a romantic way, but as a friend, because of the lack of passion.
  • The partner no longer meets his expectations; for example, he does not want to have children.
  • The partner was unfaithful or disrespected the other half in a certain way.

As you can see, there are several reasons why a person decides to end a romantic relationship. However, it must be said that such a painful break-up, with such intense heartache, is experienced by only one of the two members of the couple.

Even if he is in love and has put his all into the relationship, the partner has now lost the desire to continue the relationship, for whatever the reason.

Maybe he was never really in love with the other person, and with time he realized he could no longer ignore this fact.

All these circumstances make the person left feeling destroyed and heartbroken. Painful as it may be, it is best that the relationship ends, because there is no future.


When there is Emotional Dependence

Although the types of break ups that have been mentioned fall within the dynamic “one leave the other,” category, there is another scenario involving both parties suffering from emotional dependency.

Emotional dependency causes a person to have the wrong idea of love. Because of low self-esteem, a person depends totally on their partner, which is a source of happiness to her and she feels like she couldn’t survive without it.

When you suffer from emotional dependence, in reality, there is no real love. It’s more of a need for belonging to the other so that life acquires a meaning.

For this reason, when the relationship ends, the person that was dumped sinks into space as the life she knew no longer exists.

This does not mean that the separation was not traumatic, but that the dependent person avoids seeing his pain as he immediately embarks on a new love affair. The wound, however, is always there, because the heart is still in pieces.

Whether the partner leaves us or we suffer emotional dependency from the partner, when the love story ends, our heart breaks.

We might think that our life is over, but in reality, sooner or later, we will realize that we can go on and still be happy.

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