The narcissist boyfriend: Are you in a toxic relationship?

The narcissist boyfriend: Are you in a toxic relationship?

A certain amount of self-love is not only human but in some ways desirable. Having a confident and sufficiently strong sense of self-allows us to walk “head-on” through the streets of the world. But what happens when one’s self-perception is excessively high when compared to reality? Here is the narcissist.

The narcissistic personality is characterized, among other aspects, by a grandiose sense of self, a desire to be admired and a tendency to be fiercely critical of others, manipulative and not empathetic. These traits seem to be unattractive as characteristics of a potential partner, so why does everyone seem to have at least one story with a narcissist?

The answer is simple: during the initial courtship phase, an individual with strong narcissistic traits is incredibly attractive. Enchants with its charm, has the fantastic ability to “shuffle the cards” and bring the situation always to its advantage. In short, it possesses a particular magnetic charm which is difficult to resist.

However, this initial pleasure almost always fades with time. Much scientific research in the field of clinical psychology has tried to identify the behavior typical of these subjects within romantic relationships. Here we will analyze five of these signs, which can be understood with “alarm bells” and will give you closure on whether you are in a relationship with a narcissist and therefore have a high probability of the relationship ending in a painful way.

No. 1: The continuous search for new preys: the narcissist does not want emotional involvement

Despite the narcissistic subject, you invite someone to go out with him, at the same time he is already looking for a potential and more attractive new “prey.” In other words, the tendency to never engage in a relationship is promoted by the habit of always pursuing new partners.

No. 2: Loving vs. admiration: the narcissist thinks he has to be admired

The narcissist does not love, he thinks that it is annoying to try to connect emotionally with him. They prefer partners who merely admire and adore them continuously.


No. 3: Rancor vs. seeking a compromise: the narcissist is particularly aggressive

The way couples deal with difficulties can significantly influence the quality of their relationship. Narcissistic traits tend to be particularly aggressive within relationships, often responding to partners with massive insults or becoming physically violent, whether provoked or not is an active “fuse.” These traits make the negotiation process more difficult. The search for a compromise and other forms of healthy resolution of the conflict is impossible, instead, a narcissist wants nothing more than to engage in an unhealthy quarrel.

No. 4: Betraying and being betrayed: the narcissist is more inclined to cheat

Even within long-lasting monogamous relationships, the narcissist is inclined to frequent flirting outside the relationship, with occasional partners and in risky contexts.
Furthermore, some research shows that the more a subject has narcissistic traits, the more he is willing to tolerate the discovery of a possible betrayal by a partner.

No. 5: Care of the other vs. flirtation: the narcissist prefers to play

Rather than being loving, narcissists prefer a relational style based on the game: he tells lies, manipulates, tends to control the partner and continues to flirt with other people despite the relationship being new. Consequently, these aspects make it difficult to build a relationship based on trust.

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