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How to Win Your Ex Back

Long are the days in which splitting up from a husband and boyfriend were the rarity rather than normality. Boredom, routine, stress are killers for the passion and the greatest threat to the stability of any relationship. Still, breaking ups are painful, difficult to get over and to digest and despite the occasions to meet new partners many people get hanged by the desire to reconquest the ex who has flown away.

Here are the five top steps to win your ex back:

I. Understand why it is over

Stop revisiting the past in your mind. Pick up pen and paper and start listing the reasons why your partner left you. Start with what he said when he left you – and write down the exact words; as the truth lies in what it was said.
Be honest with yourself… is this something you can realistically overcome or is it easier to raise the white flag and salute the ship?

II. Control your emotions

Yes, your ex might the only person you want to spend the rest of your life with; but it wouldn’t be wise to look desperate for it.
Avoid contacting him when you feel low, needy and sort of desperate for his attention. It’s good to be reserved and not too look too into him; if not, to show some respect for yourself.

III. No Contact

Yes, you read it correctly.
No Contact. No SMS, no calls, no emails no social media lurking, nothing.
Pretend to yourself that you are on a 30-day holiday from him – far far away.
We promise you this to be easier than it looks like – particularly after the first seven days. It’s like joining a strict diet scheme: yes, it is for you and yes, it will give you more benefits than headaches. If not for you, it will help you detoxing from the negativity of having being dumped.


IV. Do not try to impress

While everything looks out of control, crazy and destabilising make an extra effort to take care of yourself and treat yourself with your favourite things. You are the centre of your world now.
However, whatever you do avoid talking about him to everyone that is not one of your closest friends. It is likely you’ll be upset right now, and therefore try to avoid people who know you both so that you don’t attempt to ruin his reputation or, worse, try to make him jealous. It’s human, it’s tempting, but it’s not worthy over the long-run if you are hoping to win him back.

V. New boyfriend new life

While you are trying to get your head around what happened it is always worthwhile not to get obsessed about how perfect your life was when he was around and how happy you’ll be when he’ll be back. After all the relationship that you have had is over; even if you go back, you are going back to a brand new relationship – yes the characters are the same but dynamics will change.
As much as you can try to spend time out with friends and to meet new people. You’ll never know – Mr Right might not look like your ex at all.

Good luck!




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