Oracloo How to Talk a Man out a relationship before it has even started

How to Talk a Man out of a Relationship Before it Has Even Started

You don’t just like this guy, you are starting to fall in love with him, and you are determined to start a relationship with him. There are a few mistakes that a lot of women make when going after a guy and you might not even have noticed that you are doing it.

Mistake no. 1: Call him because you are clingy

This is one of the most fundamental mistakes. In many years of giving psychic readings and discussing relationships at great length, I have seen this error being committed again and again by different women. Though he may not have called you, he may be busy, and there are better ways of dealing with this then calling him angrily to ask why he has not called you.

If you want to talk to him, keep things brief and cool. Hint at a potential catch-up and leave it to him to follow this up. If he likes you as much as you like him, he will.


Mistake no. 2: Do not treat him like a friend

It does work in movies, and many relationships are products of genuine friendships. However, if you have more than friendship on your mind, then be honest with yourself and keep your goal in mind without switching off your flirty mode. Women love to send mixed signals but play the just friends strategy, but this ends up creating more frustration rather than interest.

Mistake no. 3: Don’t live in fantasy land

Keep your emotions and actions in check. You can’t be friendly and cool one minute and then disappointed the next after he does not respond. Remember that you are not with him, yet.

Mistake no. 4: The “How do you feel?” question

Surely you would have heard that women are wired biologically differently to men.  Make sure that you use the differences between men and women in a way that works for you. This includes the whole ‘feelings’ department which is a challenging one for men. Keep it cool and keep the conversation as flirty as you can. You can’t go wrong.

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