Oracloo Top 10 reasons why you should sleep with your ex

An ex can not only become a “bex” which is an acronym of boyfriend-ex, but he can also become a bedmate – someone to call on when the need arises. However, if you are in the mood for some good loving, you can resort to DIY measures such as toys to satisfy your urges.

Not all exes are created equal; there are some that should most certainly be left in the trash can. Then there are others who might be worthy of a frequent revisit. In this article, we are going to highlight ten reasons why you should go to bed with an ex. If you are feeling indecisive about making this decision, you might want to consider getting a psychic reading to determine whether or not it is a good idea to revisit the past and sleep with an ex.

1. You Don’t Have to Pretend

When you go to bed with an ex, you do not have to pretend. You are familiar with how they operate in bed, so you can just be natural and at ease.

2. He Knows You – a.k.a. No Need to Look Perfect

You know your body, and your ex is probably well versed in your body too. Therefore, you do not have to feel shy about the way you look. If you are still struggling with shyness and insecurity, consider getting an online psychic reading to ease your fears.

3. Let’s Go with More Ease

You will be able to let go of any need to be perfect when in the company of your ex. Depending on the duration of your relationship, you will probably be more comfortable with your ex than you would be with a stranger. Therefore, let go and enjoy yourself!

4. There is More Passion

When you have been in a long-term relationship, the passion diminishes, and boredom kicks in. When you break up, you let go of that catatonic state of monotony. Therefore it is possible that the flames of passion have been reignited. This relationship bond will increase our passion and erotic intent. Even after much thought and contemplation, you still might be toying with the idea of having a sexual relationship with your ex. If your thoughts are still unclear, try getting in touch with some trusted psychics to give you a thorough psychic reading. This might facilitate your decision-making process.

5. You Know What They Like

You know your ex, you know what he likes, he knows what you like. Being aware of each other’s sexual preference is vital when it comes to satisfying each other in the bedroom. No fear, no shyness, no wondering what your ex might want in the bedroom. This eliminates the anxiety of “the first time.” This makes your sexual experience more enjoyable and stress-free.


6. It’s easy and convenient

Sex with a former partner is easy and convenient. There is no need for winning strategies to lure them into bed. It should be a straightforward operation. However, if you are still nervous about going ahead with this, here is what you can do; contact a professional psychic reader online. Contact them and arrange a reading to help you with your decision.

7. The Experience

It is all about the experience of sleeping with an ex. When experiencing sexual relations with a new flame, it can be nerve wracking. Especially when it comes to trying different positions. But with an ex there is not much to it, no awkwardness, just pure fun and enjoyment.

8. Dare to Have a Threesome

Having a threesome with an ex would most definitely be mind-blowing! The thought of having a threesome with a current partner can often be seen as taboo but with an ex you can eliminate the fear and feelings of jealousy. You can just have fun. Fulfil your wildest fantasies with no strings attached and no commitments. These thoughts might be running through your mind but do not lose sleep over them. Just consult with a tarot card reader to get a thorough tarot reading  and put your mind at ease.

9. He Can Be an Excellent Counsellor

There’s nothing like the bex, the ex-boyfriend or friend, who gives great general life advice or friendly advice. In this case, your ex plays the role of erotic counselor. He will help you to improve in areas where you feel you might need improvement in the boudoir. Get yourself a tarot card reading to help you with any anxiety you might be having about going to bed with your ex.

10. Clear Agreements = Long Friendship

When it comes to relations with your ex, there is no need to lie. You can be honest about how to feel. Kick out the sentimentality and jealousy, just be you. Your relationship is purely a sexual one, therefore have fun and throw all caution to the wind!

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