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Signs That He is Not The One

Very often when we fall in love, we pay no attention to certain alarm bells that can be activated to let us know that our partner is not the right man for us. It does not matter what our loved ones say, because we have to figure it out for ourselves. External help, however, never hurts. For this reason we want to highlight some signs that can warn you of the fact that the person you are with is not the right man.

How to Know if He is Not the Right Man?

First of all, it is essential to be objective and try to identify if some or several of the following situations seem familiar to you and if you are experiencing them in your current relationship. Maybe these are the signs that indicate that he is not the right man:

1. He is Interested in Your Money or Your Assets

If you have a good job, a house, a car and if your family is well off you have to pay attention. In fact, many men act driven by their greed. This will not always be the case, but you must pay attention, for example, if they ask you for money, if they want you to always pay during your dates, if they try to convince you to put your property on their behalf, etc…

2. Do Not Get Along With Your Pet

Animals are wiser than we think they are. If you brought your boyfriend home and your dog snarled or tried to bite him, the first time can be normal since your dog doesn’t know him. However, be careful if this attitude continues over time. Also, pay attention to how your partner treats your pet.

3. Does Not Talk About the Future

Couples generally start talking about future projects together after the first year of the relationship. Some may take longer, others shorter. At some point, however, conversations about marriage, children, transfer, etc. appear. If you go out together for a long time, but he refuses to talk to you about these subjects, something is not right. Maybe he does not want to commit himself or has another “serious” relationship and is cheating on you.


4. Does Not Introduce You to family or friends

At the beginning of a relationship it is normal that dates are between only the two of you, but, at some point, comes the moment of “ritual presentations” to family and friends. If he does not want to take you to his parents’ Sunday lunch or if he never wants you to go with him to a party, you should start asking questions, because he’s probably not the right man.

5. It is Precipitous

This can also be a sign that this is a deranged relationship. For example if, after a couple of weeks of seeing each other, he asks you to move in with him, starts planning holidays, wants to know all about your family or talks about having children, be very careful. Rushing is never a good thing. It could even make us think about the possibility that this is an obsessive person or a stalker.

6. You Do Not Know his Tastes

It is true that many people do not like talking about themselves. However, if you have been out for a while now but you only know his name and a little more, you should start to question things. In particular, if you ask him where he works, with whom he lives or what is his favorite dish, he responds evasively or changes the subject.

7. It is Too Far

Maybe he suffered a lot from a previous relationship, or maybe he doesn’t like contact with people. In any case, he often behaves as if you were not there or makes no effort to watch television with you, send a message or do anything else, maybe it means that it is not the right man.

8. He Always Talks About His Ex

Broken up for several weeks now but at each meet-up always talks about his ex. She liked that particular thing; they went to this restaurant for their anniversary, they never went together to the cinema, etc.. If on the one hand boring, on the other is even more worrying. If you can not forget your past relationship, it is difficult for you to undertake a new one. Let him live in the past, and when he is ready to start a new relationship, maybe you might consider giving him another chance.

9. He wants to change you

Even if it is possible to change and the things he wants you to improve on are legitimate, if a person wants you to change and act in a way that satisfies him, it is a bad sign. He can tell you to cut your hair or dye it with another color, to dress in a certain way, to not see certain friends, to look for another job or to stop thinking in a certain way. Ultimately he wants you to be completely different people. This certainly shows that he is not the right man.

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