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Is He Cheating? How To Find Out…

Are you sure of your relationship or have any suspects? Is it just in your head or a hint of reality?
One thing is sure: after the paranoia has started living in the drama is very difficult.

Saint or little devil? If you are brave enough of wanting to find out; here are the top cues to find out:

I. Sex

Has sex dramatically decreased, without a known reason? Is he kissing you in a different way than before?
Before jumping to your guns, try to keep your emotion on a side and find out if there is something else behind his lack of attention and keep reading the list…

II. The MP knows

Yes – mobile phones know it all. Did you know that nearly 90% of cheating is caught on mobile?
Key hints are if the phone is always in the mute tone if he moves to a different room when he receives a call if he doesn’t separate from the phone… the list is long.

III. The way you fight

In the past it was ok to fight, now it is no longer good. If he is often criticising, and rarely taking your defences… well, you might know why.
The opposite could also be true; if out of the blue he starts becoming too caring, giving you plenty of attention without reasons,  please keep reading.


IV. Body

That’s a classic, but when a man starts taking excessive care of himself, it might be that something is cooking. But the real proof is in the clothes; if he claims to go to the pool, to play football and he comes back home with untouched outfits, there you know for sure.

V. The proof

Do you want to know for sure? Check the bank account as it is nearly impossible nowadays not to leave traces of whereabouts.

What Next?

Workplaces are the most popular place where to start a new liaison. So, pay attention to changes in routines because you might be finishing in the right sea.
Still approach your sherlock-holmesing investigation with plenty of discretion and without involving friends, members of the family and work colleague. It might not just backfire but also destroy your reputation over the long run.

Your Psychic Reader Advisors are always here to help! Good luck!




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