Oracloo 9 Reasons To Go To Bed With The Ex

9 Reasons to Go to Bed with the Ex

Not all exes are the same. While you can put some in the trash can, there are others whom you should consider re-connecting with. As a psychic reader, I often get questions about whether it is good or bad to reconnect with an ex. Are you feeling indecisive? Here are nine reasons why you should rekindle your relationship with your ex.

1. You do not have to pretend

If you go to bed with the ex, the chances are that you are familiar with their bedroom skills and that you’ll  feel at ease. Your ex knows your body, and you do not have to feel insecure about it.

 2. You can go with more ease

You’ll not strive for perfection when you are in the company of an ex.  Depending on how long your relationship lasted, you will probably feel more comfortable with your ex than you would with a stranger.

3. You feel passionate

Boredom usually starts kicking in in long-term relationships when the passion dies out.  Makeup sex is the best way to kick-start the passion.

4. You are familiar with their likes

You are familiar with your ex, and their likes and dislikes. Being aware of each other’s preferences is key to bedroom satisfaction. You will not have to fear or wonder about what your ex would want in the bedroom.


5. It’s easy and convenient

Sex with an ex is easy and practical, so you will not have to waste time thinking about strategies to lure them into bed. You can get what you want quickly and without drama.

6.  The sex experience

The first time with a new partner is nerve-wracking and risky.  On the contrary with an ex, there is no awkwardness, and it is just pure fun and enjoyment.

7. Try new things

Are you keen for adventure?  Exes can help you fulfill your deepest fantasies with no strings attached. Are you keen to try a threesome? While this may be impossible with your current partner, it may be something that you can try if you decide to reconnect with your ex.

8. They can be excellent advisors

Your ex can help you to improve in areas where improvements may be needed.  Since they know you well, they can offer suggestions on almost anything about your sex life.

9. No strings attached?

No need for lies. You can cast aside sentimentality, jealousy and just be you. Your relationship is purely sexual, and you can have fun!

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