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Love In The Office: How To Make It Work

Are you in love with a co-worker? If yes, well despite how you might feel, you are not alone.
Studies show that 33% people have experienced flirting in the workplace, and yet love affairs at work are always awkward, often inconvenient and difficult to manage.

Office, colleagues, love.

Let’s recap; you meet someone at work, you like him, you get the chance to get to know him… and doubts starts from day one since, despite the hype and initial passion, you know well that Cupid doesn’t guarantee a happy ending.
The office, colleagues, and love combined are more often than not a recipe for a home-made disaster.

The good news is that long gone are the days where a public relationship at work can destroy a career. Still, if you like your job, you need a strong set of rules to keep the passion firmly behind the desks and not gossip material.

Here are three tips on how to make this work.

1) Discretion.

Discretion, this word should become your mantra! Only a few liaisons born at work pass the test of time transitioning from flirting to something more, perhaps even marriage.
There is nothing more detrimental to romance than office gossip. If you really can’t resist the temptation to tell someone about your new love, always choose a trusted friend outside of the workplace who has no ties to the company and can respect your privacy.

Also be honest with yourself and keep your expectations in check to put a label on the relationship. If you cannot keep your emotions, paranoia, fear and insecurities under control, it’s best to either leave the job or the relationship, as any love affair comes with its set of challenges and stresses.


2) Passion.

What relationship than one with a colleague is more likely to trigger erotic fantasies? The secrecy of the early stages combined with an overwhelming desire to win their interest whilst not getting caught is a recipe for explosive passion. And here starts the problem; never communicate with him in private in the same way you usually communicate with him at work.

You must make a rule of this, otherwise one of you will make a mistake –  even walls have ears!

3) Don’t Change Your Life.

Work and passion are a difficult combination to control, so once the relationship is established, keep the two distinct aspects separate: leave work issues out of the bedroom and keep them in the office!
This might sound obvious but it’s not – particularly if one of you is the boss. Don’t discuss work in your private life – this will also help you understand if work is the only thing that you two have in common or if there is common ground elsewhere.

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