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How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Love them or hate them, long distance relationships are a fact of life for many people. Distance is often both the engine that makes the affair more exciting, but can also be the cause of quarrels and pain; and yet, many happy couples manage to navigate these issues.

Ultimately it takes two to tango, but if you still feel all loved-up and determined to keep it going, here are our best tips on how to make the distance work while you plan a brighter future together:

1.  Communication, Communication, and Communication

Ultimately, communication – the real make it or break it of any affairs – is challenged in long-term relationships. Make sure you meet regularly online and above all, remember to schedule e-dates properly so that expectations are set and in place.  It’s not all bad; social media and instant chats can be very intense and intimate too!

2. Learn When to Switch off Technology

Little gifts, handwritten letters, postcards and anything that has nothing to do with technology needs to be added to the mix. The challenge is to keep it real avoiding creating a ‘fantasy world’ that has zero relation to reality.


3. Know Yourself and Learn to Compromise

It’s common to expect things from your partner, but you need to remind yourself that you have decided to have a long-distance relationship.

If it’s not for you, well, just be open and honest, your partner should understand. However, if you decide to stick to the relationship, despite not being comfortable with the distance, then there is no point in complaining that you do not see each other much – you’ll just add tension and frustration.

4. J-for Jealousy

If you let your imagination run riot because you can’t see what your partner has been doing, or who they’ve been with then maybe a long-distance relationship isn’t for you. Unless you have any evidence to back up these painful imaginings, then it’s probably best to give your partner the benefit of the doubt.
You’ll need to do your best to keep your jealousy in check and avoid assuming he is up to no good, even if he is late to call or you hear other people talking in the background when he does.

5. Friends, Family and Relatives

Long-distance relationships are often expensive and complicated. The negative sides of them are often talked about again, and again and again in those early days by the people who are closest to you. These conversations will challenge your feelings, but if love is there, then your relationship can work and see a happy ending.

You need to discuss your feelings and dreams openly with your friends and family members so that they can support your plans.

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